Multi pitch climbing in Tirol

High above – multi pitching in Tirol!

If the sport climbing routes in the climbing gardens are not long or high enough for you and you are looking for an adventure, go multi pitching! Multi pitching is the ascent of climbing routes with one or more stops at a belay station.

Climber’s Paradise Tirol provides information for more than 600 alpine multi pitch routes - including the grades.

Enrol in a beginners’ course for multi pitch climbing today!

If you have never climbed multi pitches before or you want to improve your technique, our alpine sport schools offer regular courses (link). The programme includes secure belaying, different commands when climbing multi pitches or using quickdraws, nuts and other camming devices.

13 must-haves when climbing multi pitches

  • Climbing helmet
  • Appropriate shoes for climbing and access
  • Harness
  • Backpack
  • Appropriate clothes and sunglasses
  • Medical dressing
  • Ropes: The length of the ropes and the number of hardware is dependent on the length of the route.
  • Screw-lock carabiners
  • Quickdraws and slings
  • Accessory cord
  • Nuts, camming devices
  • Belaying device
  • Chalk

Communicating when multi pitching

As you are far away from each other when climbing, short and precise commands are necessary to communicate. Once the climber has reached the top, built an anchor and is tied-in, the following commands should take place:

  • Climber: “Off belay!“
  • Belayer: “Belay-off!”
  • After the climber pulled up all the slack rope, belayer: “That’s me.“
  • The climber will then put the belayer on belay, climber: “Belay-on.”


The 3 most popular multi pitches in Climbers Paradise Tirol

  • Nassereith Tiefthal: There are several well established routes on the east side close to Nassereith, Tiefthal. As these routes have an alpine character, they are not recommended for sport climbers. The descent is only possible by abseiling which requires a 70m single rope or two twin ropes.
  • Geierwand in Haiming: There are 20 multi pitch routes on the South face in Haiming, Ötztal.
  • Gramai at Lake Achensee: The area offers 12 well established multi-pitch routes with classic alpine character. They are located on the South, South-East face. To descend, abseiling with a 55m twin rope is necessary.
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