Outdoor Bouldering in Tirol

Having fun bouldering in Tirol!


Bouldering is a style of rock climbing without the use of ropes, helmets or harnesses. Instead, foam mats and spotters help to prevent injuries when falling. Boulders typically range from 3-7 metres. Grab your climbing shoes, pack your chalk bag and have fun bouldering! Bouldering is the perfect opportunity to spend a day outside together with friends. After climbing, you can also enjoy outdoor slacklining sessions in the sunset.

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Climbing in gyms on rainy days!

Generally climbing is an outdoor sport. However, if the weather is bad, there are numerous indoor climbing gyms in „Climber’s Paradise Tirol“ which offer many different routes and boulders in all difficulty levels.

Most gyms have seperate sections for bouldering. There are also gyms which specialise in bouldering only. New routes are regularly set throughout the whole season. The gyms offer a great variety of challenging new boulders. To improve your technique, feel free to visit one of the locally offered courses led by professional coaches.

5 tips for beginners in bouldering - outdoor and indoor:

  • Don’t forget to warm up – tendons and ligaments (especially in your fingers and arms) are used when bouldering.
  • To climb as power-efficient as possible, it is important to visualise the route before climbing.
  • Keep your arms straight as much as possible while climbing – this will help your arm muscles avoid getting tired and exhausted quickly.
  • Learn some climbing techniques and use these thoughtfully to save power.
  • Make sure you train your spotting skills. Spotting requires full concentration and is the most important safety factor when bouldering in a group.

3 must-haves in bouldering

  • Abrushto clean the boulders. There are numerous styles. However the most beautiful ones are made out of wood.
  • Chalk bag: chalk helps to increase the grip and protects the skin. Normally, chalk bags have a separate bracket to hold a brush.
  • Crashpad:Crashpads are important tools to weaken falls and guarantee a soft landing. Moreover they serve as comfortable seats - particularly for little naps in between or to sit together around a campfire.
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If you need accommodation in Tirol, you will find recommendations – from campsites or private rooms to 5-star-hotels. Tyrol is a very sport centric region which means climbers are welcome everywhere! The alpine world of Tirol offers everything what you could wish for a perfect holiday - with Climbers’ Paradise Tirol, you have all information at a glance!

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