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Multi-variant climbing on the via ferratas in the Steinberge mountain area

The Steinberge mountain area in the Tirol-Salzburg border region offers great climbing opportunities, especially for climbers who love to spend their holidays on rock and get great value on their trip. The Loferer and Leogang Mountains have a lot to offer: from family-friendly climbing gardens, ten challenging via ferratas, more than 1.000 sport climbing routes and numerous alpine multi pitches. The route „Pinzgawurm“ (45 pitches) is one of the longest alpine sport climbing routes. There are several climbing guides and manuals which can help inform you about the area. Have fun in the Steinberge mountains!

3 tips for via ferratas in the Steinberge Mountains

  • Schuasta-Gangl via ferrata (Steinplatte): The Schuasta-Gangl via ferrata leads to the mountain peak of the Steinplatte (1.700 m). It is most beautiful to send between June and October. It is continuously secured with a steel rope and iron rungs. The difficulty grade lies between C and D.
  • Panorama-Klettersteig via ferrara (Henne): The Panorama-Klettersteig via ferrara is also recommended to beginners. The view onto the Kitzbüheler Alps, the Kaiser Mountains, the Loferer and Leogang Mountains, the Berchtesgadener Mountains and the Hohe Tauern mountains is simply amazing. The traverse of the mountain peak (1.900 m) to the Wildseeloderhaus hut is particularly beautiful. The hut offers an idyllic view onto a crystal clear mountain lake. It also offers delicious  and self-made refreshments. The via ferrata has a variation which is graded C/D. It is best to send from June until October.
  • Marokka via ferrata: This via ferrata is recommended to the whole family. The route is well secured and graded B/C. The mountain peak is on an altitude level of 2.019 m. Marokka via ferrata offers everything you ask for:  an exciting route, some challenging passages, a swinging rope bridge and a beautiful mountain peak.
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