On to high mountain peaks and through beautiful gorges – via ferratas in Osttirol

The Dolomites in Osttirol are the place to be if you want to experience the mountains! There are many routes and climbing gardens in all difficulties. Very popular spots include Falkenstein, the climbing area around the Dolomite Hut and alpine routes around the Karlsbader Hut. Aside from climbing, the Dolomites are well known for magnificent hiking trails with the option of accommodation in the mountains as well as multi-day trips. A special recommendation is the Hohe Tauern national park with its impressive mountain backdrop!

The 4 best via ferratas in Osttirol


Osttirol offers 12 magnificent via ferratas for everyone. You will find everything from climbing along a ridge, alpine via ferratas to mountain peaks to via ferratas in gorges. We recommend the following 4 via ferratas:

  • Allmaier-Toni via ferrata: The Allmaier-Toni via ferrata is graded B/C and leads past the Eastern ridge of the  Weittalspitze mountain (2.539 m) up to the summit. The crux is a smooth slab at the end of the steep summit wall. As the via ferrata is not continuously secured with steel ropes, surefootedness, a head for heights and alpine experience is required. The access hike takes 3,5 hours – plan a whole day to do this trip!
  • Pirknerklamm ÖTK via ferrata: The ÖTK via ferrata (grade C) is perfect for a half day trip. It leads through the Pirknerklamm gorge and is therefore also recommended on hot summer days. The highlight of the via ferrata is a steep passage at the start. There are several “postman’s walk bridges” (taut rope for holding on to with your hands, slack rope for walking one) which guarantee an extra thrill. The access hike only takes 15 minutes.
  • Glödis via ferrata: The Glödis via ferrata up to the Glödis mountain peak (3.206m) is recommended to slightly advanced climbers. It’s graded B but shouldn’t be underestimated due to its length and altitude of over 3.000m. The view from the top is simply amazing and is worthy of the long access hike which takes roughly four hours.
  • Galitzenklamm via ferrata: The Galitzenklamm via ferrata, near Lienz, leads through the Galitzenklamm gorge, past roaring waterfalls. It’s graded B/C. Further up, there are more passages graded C. The via ferrata is particularly recommended to family with children which can also choose to go on an alternative path.
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