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Alpine feeling while sport climbing in the Zugspitze region

The Zugspitze region around Ehrwald is a true paradise for climbers of all levels. Recently, many new climbing gardens have been established at the foot of Zugspitze. They offer a great range of all difficulty levels in a magnificent alpine terrain. The region also has several multi pitches, easy to high-alpine hikes and ice climbing possibilities in winter. Besides climbing on rock, there are also other possibilities for outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, golfing or chilling on a mountain hut.

Taking up the cable car going up to the mountain peak from Ehrwald is highly recommended. It takes up to 100 people.

The Zugspitze has one of the most beautiful views in the Alps.

3 tip for climbing gardens in the Zugspitze region

  • “Alte 4er-Stütze”: The “Alte 4er-Stütze” climbing garden is still being established - all together, more than 100 routes are expected to be established. The alpine climbing garden provides a view over the whole valley. The access takes about an hour. The climbing garden is also recommended to children as part of a day trip. Up at the crag, there is enough space for children to play or make a break. It can get really hot during summer. However, the panorama is simply stunning!
  • Plattenspitzen Süd: Plattenspitzen Süd is a big, alpine climbing garden on an altitude level of 2.000m. It is located just above the Hochfeldern Alm alp. The area is recommended for both sport climbing and multi pitches, characterised by its harsh, eroded rock. The climbing garden is also recommended to children who don’t spare the effort of a one hour hike. The surrounding landscapes are stunning. All routes are well maintained.
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