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Spectacular lines in harsh rock – sport climbing in the Tirolean Oberland

Nauders in Kaunertal is close to the Swiss and Italian border. There are many possibilities for climbing - also for beginners and families. There are several small climbing gardens with easy climbs and an alpine flair. The type of rock is granite. Oberland also offers a lot of potential for experienced climbers. You can go sport climbing and ice climbing, do multi pitches and via ferratas, visit a forest rope park and four family-friendly climbing gardens.

The 5 best sport climbing areas

There are more than 174 sport climbing routes in the Tirolean Oberland. Here’s a list of what we believe to be the 5 best climbing areas:

  • Fernergries – Kaunertal: The biggest sport climbing area in Kaunertal is Fernergries with 44 routes in two sectors. The type of rock is gneiss, interspersed with ferric oxide. All routes are well bolted. They are particularly recommended to beginners, slightly advanced climbers and families as their difficulties range between 3 and 5 on the grading scale. The access hike only takes 5 minutes.
  • Pflanzgarten Nauders climbing garden: The Pflanzgarten climbing garden in Nauders is highly recommended for beginners. The area offers four routes between 3 and 5 on the grading scale. The wall is vertical and doesn’t have any overhangs for which reason it is also convenient for families. The climbing garden is ideal for hot summer days as the surrounding trees provide shade. The access hike takes about an hour.
  • Laimo – Kaunertal: The climbing garden Laimo in Kaunertal is a worthwhile trip for advanced and ambitious climbers. In three sectors, there are 30 routes in best rock quality. The length of the routes ranges between very short bouldery routes to 35m long ones. The routes are graded between 6b and 8c - therefore hardly recommended for beginners and families. Because of the Eastern direction of the area, the climbing garden is also recommended on hot summer days.
  • Grünstein – Kaunertal: The climbing garden Grünstein offers eight routes with a beautiful panorama view onto the Kaunertal. They range between 6 and 7 on the grading scale. Be aware that the bad positioning of the bolts create a relatively high injury risk. Because of it is south-west facing, the area is particularly recommended in spring and autumn.
  • Sauerbrunn – Prutz: Sauerbrunn - Prutz is an ideal climbing garden for families and indoor climbers who want to try outdoor climbing for the first time. There are six routes graded between 4 and 7. The holds were artificially drilled. The wall gets in the shade after lunch. The close-by playground is recommended for children who don’t want to climb anymore.
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