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Sport climbing in Tannheim Valley – outdoor fun in “Europe’s most beautiful high valley”

Tannheim Valley is known for its beautiful peaks such as Gimpel, Hochwiesler and Rote Flüh. This area is home to routes of all difficulties and beautiful via ferratas. Tannheim Valley offers several sport climbing routes, multi pitches, two waterfalls for ice climbing and a high rope garden. The 200m high Southern walls were established around 1900. Although most of these old routes are well maintained, there are many alpine routes in Tannheim Valley. The valley is very versatile and has a lot to offer: Besides rock climbing, you can do all different kind of sports such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling. You can also simply enjoy your time outside in nature.

4 tips for sport climbing in climbing gardens in Tannheim Valley

  • Gaichtpass:Even though the Gaichtpass climbing garden is situated close to the street, it is a worthwhile target for an outdoor climbing adventure. The acess hike only takes 5 minutes from the parking lot and the view from the climbing garden is amazing: You can see the whole Lechtal valley and the Liegfeist Mountains. There are 21 routes in medium difficulty grade for which reason the area is not really recommended to beginners. The rock is slightly chippy and fragile.
  • Rote Flüh:The Rote Flüh is a 2.108m high mountain in Tannheim Valley. Its outdoor climbing garden on the Hochwiesler North-side is also recommended to beginners. There are 10 routes between 3 and 5 with a height between 15m and 30m. Above the routes, you might be able to see mountain goats.
  • Hochwiesler:The Hochwiesler climbing garden offers 11 routes facing North-East. They are graded between 3 and 6 and offer a great view onto the Gimpelkar mountain. The routes are all very well secured but be careful nontheless, the rock might be fragile sometimes!
  • Kanzel:The Kanzel is a new climbing garden which has been established in 2010. It’s located South of the Neunerköpfle mountain. The type of rock is limestone. You can reach it by taking the Vogelhornbahn cable car to the summit station and a 10 minute walk from there. The area provides 22 routes for climbers of all levels. Most routes have a medium to hard difficulty grade. The climbing garden is not overrun by many people which makes it a great and calm place to go climbing and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. As you can reach the area within a few minutes, you can also go climbing when the weather is unstable.
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