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Challenging variety – multi pitch climbing in the Tirol West holiday region

There are so many climbing options in the Tirol West region! The climbing areas offer more than 300 sport climbing routes, several multi pitches and two via ferratas. The areas lie in the sun and are easy accessible. They are recommended all year round. Breathtaking views and great climbing experience guaranteed!

Tips for multi pitching in the Tirol West holiday region

  • Burschlwand:Burschlwandl offers 25 routes graded between 6 and 7. The access hike is very short. The area faces South and the routes are well bolted. You should bring at least 15 quickdraws. You won’t need friends of nuts (Klemmkeile).
  • Dawinspitze: If you want to climb the routes “Symphonie in Stein”, “Z’wider Wurz”, “Mona Lisa” or “Lady Di” you should visit the Bockgarten area on the Dawinspitze mountain peak. The area offers seven challenging routes. The type of rock is limestone. You should bring at least 10 quickdraws and a 50m long double rope. The access hike takes two hours via the Augsburger Hütte hut where you can also get refreshments.
  • Hasliwand:The Hasliwand climbing area is rather little and there are not so many people. There are a total of nine multi pitch routes in good rock quality. The security is a bit more alpine than in Burschlwand. However, you still don’t need mobile security devices such as friends of nuts. The routes are graded in the sixth difficulty grade.
  • Simeleskopf: „Totgesagte leben länger“ is the name of a beautiful and challenging slab climb in the Simeleskopf climbing area. The six pitches of the Southern facing route are graded between 5a and 6c. The access hike takes two hours via the Augsburger Hütte hut. From there, you follow the via ferrata into the Furmentatal valley and then to the Southern wall of the Simeleskopf.
  • Steinseehütte: The climbing area around the idyllic Steinseehütte hut is simply beautiful. The routes Steinkarturm, Torspitze, HG-Spitze, Spiehlerturm, Schneekarlesspitze and die Parzinntürme are highly recommended. All together, there are 15 beautiful routes around 5 to 6 on the grading scale. They are well secured.
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