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Great ice climbing in the Zugspitze region

The Zugspitze region around Ehrwald is a true paradise for climbers of all levels. Recently, many new climbing gardens have been established at the foot of Zugspitze. They offer a great range of all difficulty levels in a magnificent alpine terrain. The region also has several multi pitches, easy to high-alpine hikes and ice climbing possibilities in winter. Besides climbing on rock, there are also other possibilities for outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, golfing or chilling on a mountain hut.

Taking up the cable car going up to the mountain peak from Ehrwald is highly recommended. It takes up to 100 people.

The Zugspitze has one of the most beautiful views in the Alps.

4 ice climbing tips in the Zugspitze region for beginners and experts

  • Grenzeisfall ice fall: The Grenzeisfall ice fall is more than 250m high and located on the border to Germany. While the first pitch is relatively easy, the climbing becomes harder with every pitch. There are no fixed anchors, so any anchor points must be placed by the climber. The access hike takes 10 minutes from the street.
  • Grenzgänger ice fall:The Grenzgänger is a very challenging ice fall. It is 80m high and already visible from the street. The access hike takes about 15 minutes. While the first pitch is solely ice climbing, the second pitch is mixed-climbing until you can climb again on free hanging icicles. You abseil via the route.
  • Häselgehr ice fall: The 45 m high Häselgehr ice is suitable for beginners. However, it shouldn’t be underestimated. The stream often carries a lot of water which leads to the ice fall being unpredictable. The access hike is 10 minutes. On the left hand side of the ice fall, there is a mixed-route.
  • Seebensee ice fall: While you can do sport climbing and via ferratas on the Seebenwänden walls in summer, you can ice-climb up the 230m high ice fall in winter. It is one of the most difficult and longest ice falls in this area and therefore only recommended to experts. You can descent via the via ferrata or the ice fall.
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