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Ice climbing in Pitztal – climbing in icy cold conditions

The Tirolean Pitztal valley is a true paradise for climbers. Both beginners and experts get their money’s worth. The 40km long valley in the Tirolean Oberland provides certified climbing gardens for families, long and demanding via ferratas and much more. It is located 60km in the West of Tirolean’s capital city Innsbruck. You can enjoy a magnificent panoramic views onto idyllic mountain lakes, mellow mountain pastures and harsh mountain peaks!

45 cool ice climbing routes in Pitztal

In winter, Pitztal is a truly amazing place for ice climbing: it offers 45 ice climbing routes up to 160m. Here is a list of the four most popular ones:

  • Hexenbesen ice fall: The Hexenbesen ice fall, also called “Shark”, is an extremely difficulty and narrow ice fall with mixed climbing in the rear of Pitztal valley.
  • Notwegfall ice fall: The Notwegfall ice fall is also located in the read of the Pitztal valley. There are three high alpine, but beautiful ice climbing routes which are definitely worth a day trip!
  • Taschachschlucht ice climbing garden: The Taschachschlucht ice climbing garden offers several easy routes which are also suitable for beginners. There are also mixed routes which are secured with bolts.
  • Havanna-Route ice fall: The Havanna-Route ice fall close to Neurur is a true natural spectacle. It is a 35m high, free standing ice column. Climbing this ice fall is very hard and only for well trained and experienced ice climbers.
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