Klettern - Climbers Paradise

Tumpen / Kriseila


Quite long and impressive icefall. Very difficult and demanding in the upper part. There are drilled stands.

Climbing time: 3 hours.

Descent: 1 hour - Abseiling via the icefall with Abalakov threads, the drilled stands and along the trees

Seehöhe von
1100 m
Schwierigkeit von
WI 4+
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GPS Position
Long: 10.90105, Lat: 47.17958


Drive via Oetz and Habichen to Tumpen. Turn left after the bridge towards Platzl, Lehn. The parking space is approximately 20 walking minutes away from the already visible icefall which is located next to the climbing garden Engelswand. From the climbing garden Engelswand, then further along to the right up through the birch forest to the icefall.


Parking space: N47.16123 E10.91340

Waterfall: N47.16947 E10.91793

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