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Basic information

A forest rope park, adventure course or climbing forest is a course of exciting and interesting obstacles (balancing ropes, bridges, nets, etc.) located between living trees at a height of 1m to 15m.

All exercises of a forest rope park are attached to the trunks by a special clamping technique (without damaging the trees). Different routes with different degrees of difficulty can be set up. Special routes for children, for example, consist of easier exercises at low heights. Up to 50 exercises offer well thought-out forest rope parks, which are distributed over 6 - 8 routes of varying difficulty.

A simple and easy to use safety system guarantees all participants in the forest rope park optimal safety with maximum fun. This system is attached to the platforms between the exercises. So that everyone has the possibility to go faster or slower to the next exercise according to their own wishes. Faster participants can easily "overtake" at the platforms.

The use of the system does not place any special demands on the fitness or physical condition of the participants. After a safety briefing and the successful completion of an exercise course, the participants may walk the obstacle course on their own. Each participant chooses his own degree of difficulty. Fun, adventure and thrills are guaranteed for all participants.


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