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Climbing holiday in Tannheim Valley

Versatility on the mountain and in the valley

Tannheim Valley is often called Austria’s most beautiful high valley. Indeed, its scenery is very unique. It’s located in the North of Tirol. The six holiday villages, Nesselwängle-Haller, Grän-Haldensee, Tannheim, Zöblen, Schattwald and Jungholz, are embedded in the mountain world of the Allgäu Alps. The high valley lies on an altitude level of 1.100m.

While the mountain panorama is dominated by the rugged jags of the Allgäu Alps, the valley is characterised by its mellow pastures and crystal clear mountain lakes. If you are looking for a peacefulness, rustic farms and idyllic pastures, a holiday in Tannheim Valley is the perfect choice.

You can go climbing up beautiful peaks such as Gimpel, Hochwiesler and Rote Flüh, hiking in the nature reserve Vielsalpsee, mountain biking in front of a fabulous scenery and race cycling on diverse routes. From a sportive perspective, Tannheim Valley is very versatile.

We have selected some great activities for sports enthusiasts who would like to spend their holiday in Tannheim Valley:

The best holiday tips for sports enthusiasts in Tannheim Valley

  • Climbing region with tradition: Tannheim Valley is known for its beautiful peaks such as Gimpel, Hochwiesler and Rote Flüh. This area is home to routes of all difficulties and beautiful via ferratas. Tannheim Valley offers several sport climbing routes, multi pitches, two waterfalls for ice climbing and a high rope garden. The 200m high Southern walls were established around 1900. Although most of these old routes are well maintained, there are many alpine routes in Tannheim Valley.
  • Hiking paradise for all claims: Hiking around Vilsalpsee, strolling through the valley, hiking up to idyllic mountain pastures, multiple-day routes and alpine climbs to the summit – everyone will get their money’s worth in Tannheim Valley. The beautiful hike from Nesselwängle up to Gimpelhaus is highly recommended. Gimpelhaus is very interesting from an architectural perspective. It is also an ideal starting point for climbing and hiking routes. A more demanding route is the 3-Lakes-Tour which also offers a superb panorama view onto its surrounding peaks.
  • On your way in the “valley of cyclists”: Tannheim Valley is an ideal starting point for versatile mountain biking and race biking routes: It offers pleasant rounds through the valley without ascents, demanding mountain bike trails for experienced mountain bikers and rapid roads for road racing cyclists. Tannheim Valley is also the starting point of the „Bike Trail Tirol“, which conquers Tirol over more than 800km. With more than 15 coherently signposted bike routes, cyclists have a lot to do. The circumnavigation of the valley is particularly recommended to ambitious mountain bikers. Another challenging cycling tour is the road racing marathon in Tannheim Valley: It is 230km long and approximately 3.000m in altitude.
  • Cooling down in crystal clear water: If you love water, Tannheim Valley has a lot to offer: the crystal clear Vilsalpsee lake in the nature reserve of the same name is one of Tirol’s most beautiful mountain lakes. The Haldensee is highly recommended, too. Both lakes are on an altitude level of over 1.100m - which is why their water temperatures remain pleasurably cool, also on hot summer days. The “Wasserwelt” outdoor bath on the western waterside of Haldensee uses solar heating to keep the water warm. If the weather is less than ideal, you can spend a day at one of the local indoor or outdoor baths.

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4 Tips for excursions in Tannheim Valley

Tannheim Valley offers a wide range of excursions, as well as activities for families with children and everyone who likes to indulge in their holidays. Here is our selected choice:

  • Around Vilsalpsee: vilsalpsee.htmlVilsalpsee is a deep blue lake in a nature reserve, surrounded by mountains. It is considered as one of the most beautiful excursions in Tannheim Valley, recommended for the whole family in every weather condition.
  • A trip to the Jungholz enclave: The little village Jungholz belongs to Tirol, even though it is located in Allgäu, across the German border. Through its solitude, the village became a insider tip for vacationers who prefer a calm and peaceful holiday. “Tirol’s pearl in Allgäu” is Tirol’s only Alpine herbage village. The village is embellished by large herbal beds and vacationers can discover a variety of wild herbs on guided herbal hikes.
  • Discover nature on an adventure path: A holiday recommendation for the whole family in every weather condition: The “9erlebnisweg” adventure path starts at the Neunerköpfle cable car station in Tannheim. You can learn about the versatile nature, unique mountain world and local fauna in more than 11 stations. A special highlight is the biggest summit register of the Alps with a height of 3m and a width of 2,3m. You can even sign it yourself.
  • Vivid traditions in Tannheim Valley: If you are here in September, you shouldn’t miss the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley, known as the “Almabtrieb”. The cattle are decorated with magnificent coronals to celebrate their healthy return from the summer in the mountains. Up to 700 animals come “home” from the mountains to Tannheim Valley.

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