Climbing in Osttirol

The country of untouched mountains

Osttirol, “Eastern Tirol”, is one of Austria’s most untouched, unspoilt holiday regions and therefore a real insider tip for a relaxing holiday apart mass tourism.

Osttirol’s mountain panorama is scenically breathtaking - the region is characterised by its 268 mountains up to 3.000m in altitude. The most popular one is Austria’s highest mountain, the Großglockner (2.798m), on the border to Kärnten. The popular Dolomites are scenically breathtaking and definitely worthwhile visiting. Geographically, East Tirol is located between Tirol and Kärnten. It has its own culture and traditions. There are many cultural events throughout the whole year.

Vacationers can enjoy untouched nature in silent valleys, the Mediterranean flair of the capital city Lienz and a magnificent mountain world. In the North, you find the spur of the National Park Hohe Tauern. Moreover, parts of the Hochpustertal and the Lienz Dolomites are located in Osttirol.

This beautiful scenery very obviously invites to go climbing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking.

Tips for a sportive summer holiday in Osttirol

We put together a selected choice for sport-enthusiasts in Osttirol:

  • Climbing in the Dolomites: The Dolomites are the place to be if you want to experience the mountains! There are many routes and climbing gardens in all difficulties. Very popular spots include Falkenstein, the climbing area around the Dolomite Hut and alpine routes around the Karlsbader Hut. Osttirol is a paradise for via ferratas: There are more than twelve via ferratas in all difficulties. The Rabantkofel climbing garden in Nikolsdorf/Nörsach, near Lienz, is very family-friendly.
  • Kals circular trail in the valley: The mountain panorama of Osttirol is simply magnificent. While walking through the valley, you can enjoy the view onto the surrounding mountains. The Kals circular trail is recommended for the whole family. It is 20km long and you can enter it in one of the following villages: Taurer, Tembler, Lana, Arnig, Lesach, Glor or Burg. The trail leads past old, lovingly cared for farms and several view points. The crossing of a 55m long and 38m high chain bridge is very spectacular.
  • Herz-Ass High Route: Osttirol is an eldorado for everyone who enjoys long-distance hiking. The Herz-Ass High Route is particularly recommended. It is a 6-day trip in which you surround the Villgraten Mountains. The route leads from Außervillgraten via the Volkzeiner Hütte hut. Its name comes from the Villgraten Mountains which surround the Villgraten Valley in a heart shape.
  • Cycling in Osttirol: The basin of Lienz is perfect for family cycling trips. It can be conquered in several stages of the Drau Bikeway and Isel Bikeway and is mostly flat. Road cyclist who want to face a bigger challenge can cycle up the Großglockner High Alpine Road. The high alpine surroundings in Osttirol also have a lot to offer for mountain bikers of all levels. There are both relatively simple trail up to mountain pastures and adventurous bike trails.

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4 day trips in Osttirol

Aside from sporting activities, Osttirol also provides many other attractions for a versatile holiday. This is our selected choice:

  • Aigner Badl: The Aigner Badl bath in Abfaltersbach is more than 240 years old and therefore the oldest, still existing farm bath in Osttirol. Coming from the Villgraten Mountains, a calcium-sulphate-mineral well helps against rheumatism, sciatic, painful joints and wound healing.
  • A trip to Lienz: The capital city, Lienz, with its Mediterranean flair is a must-see in every holiday in Osttirol. The Bruck castle, which used to be the residence of Earl Görz, is worth a trip. Today it is used as museum and gallery. While strolling through the city, you can enjoy the beautiful old town with its charming little coffee places, old-established handicraft businesses and other little shops.
  • Tristach Lake: The Tristach Lake is perfect for cooling down on hot summer days. The crystal clear lake is the only natural bathing lake in Osttirol and gets up the 24 degrees. There is also a playground for children as well as a volleyball court. You can also take the circular trail to walk around the lake. There is a bus from Lienz to Tristach Lake.
  • Forest rope garden Galitzenklamm: The forest rope garden Galitzenklamm in Leisach close to Lienz is definitely worth a trip! There several exciting parcours in three difficulty levels. The more demanding, the higher are the routes. A highlight of the forest rope garden is the flying fox at the end of the parcour. 

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Alpin Aktiv Hochpustertal

Liebe Bergfreunde,

seit über 20 Jahren bin ich als hauptberuflicher Bergführer Sommer wie Winter in den Bergen unterwegs.

Meine Leidenschaft zum Bergsteigen und die Begeisterung zu meinem Beruf hat in den vielen Jahren um nichts nachgelassen, im Gegenteil sie ist noch gewachsen.

Nach wie vor ist mein einziges und ehrlichstes Ziel, den Gästen ein unvergessliches Bergerlebnis zu bieten. Dies gelingt nur mit der Liebe zu den Bergen und der Freude sie auch mit andern Menschen teilen zu können. Die Freiheit dieses Lebens erfüllt mich jeden Tag aufs Neue.

Im Sommer sowie im Winter führen wir dich zu den schönsten Plätzen in den Alpen. Auch Ausbildungskurse und Tourenwochen sind in unserem Programm.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen, auch mit Dir diese Leidenschaft ausleben zu können.

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