Apart-Bauernhof Rosenhof


Cows and calves, ponies, cats and rabbits. You stroke the animal's coat and feel the warmth.

Colourful flower meadows, lush alpine pastures with alpine herbs and the woods full of birdsong. Good for your eyes, nose, ears and your soul.

The Edelweiß meadow on the Fluchtwand and the water lilies in the Black Lake - do you know these beauties of nature? The Three-Country-Point, Austria, Switzerland, Italy has many wonderful areas.

In our 7 luxury holiday apartments you will find peace and quiet. The children play and run around on the playing field, in the play room or take a look at and help out with the work in the stables. The guided pony rides are always a particular highlight.

In the summer the majority of our animals are out on the alpine pastures, while we are busy with the hay harvesting- securing food stocks for the winter.

The organic milk and thehome-made natural yoghurt on the breakfast table. Tasty herbs from the herb patch for your sandwich. Wolf's bane preparation and amber balm for tired hiker's legs. And all sorts of healthy products from herbalists in the neighbourhood.

Martina will also gladly show you how natural yoghurt and wolf's bane preparation is made. And from time to time we can go together to see how the organic potatoes are getting along.

We look forward to having you as guests at Rosenhof.

Elmar and Martina Monz



Apart-Bauernhof Rosenhof
Kleinhansgasse 93
6543 Nauders am Reschenpass
T +43 5473 86165

Mountain Guide

Kaunertal Bergführer

Sicher unterwegs am Seil des Berg- & Skiführers in Fels und Eis Bergwanderungen 
auf gesicherten Wegen mit traumhaften Rundblicken 

  • Bergwanderungen
  • Hochtouren über Gletscher mit Steigeisen und Pickel.
  • Tagestouren
  • Tourenwochen
  • Ausbildungstage- und Wochen in Fels- und Eis-
  • Felsklettern für Anfänger, Kinder und 
    forteschrittene, vom ersten bis zum höchsten 

All dies erwartet Sie in einem der schönsten Seitentäler Tirols mit mehr als 70 3000er 
die staatlich geprüften Berg- und Schiführer: 
Reinhold Plankensteiner
Andreas Penz
Matthias Ragg 

Info & Kontakt

Kaunertal Bergführer
6524 Kaunertal

Info & Kontakt

Bergwanderungen, Hochtouren über Gletscher mit Steigeisen und Pickel, Tagestouren, Tourenwochen, Felsklettern für Anfänger, Kinder und Fortgeschrittene

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Apart-Bauernhof Rosenhof

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