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Climbing holidays in Tirol West

The perfect combination of sports and pleasure

The Western Tirol holiday region is very diverse and has a lot to offer: from beautiful, untouched mountain landscapes to versatile holiday attractions. The city Landeck and the holiday villages Zams, Fließ, Tobadill, Grins and Stanz are surrounded by impressive mountain scenery which offers great sporting activities. The combination of sports, culture and pleasure is great. The Tirol West holiday region therefore has the best conditions for a versatile stay.

Western Tirol is bordered by the Lechtal Alps and Samnaun Mountain Range in the west, while the Ötztal Alps are in the east. Therefore, it’s not a coincidence, that single stages of six long-distance hiking trails lead through this area. Climbing, hiking, mountain biking - the villages of the Tirol West holiday region are ideal starting positions for a sportive day.

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Highlights for a sportive holiday in Tirol West

  • Where can you go climbing? You really have the agony of choice of where to go climbing in Oberland! The climbing areas Steinsee, Affenhimmel, Starkenbach and Burschlwand offer more than 300 sport climbing routes and several multi pitches. The areas lie in the sun and are easy accessible. They are recommended all year round. Moreover, the via ferratas Galugg and Steinsee should be at the top of anyone’s list - not only because of their breathtaking views.
  • Discover the region by bike: The Western Tirol holiday region is called a Number One cycling destination in the Alps for a good reason: it offers more than 60 cycle tracks, 87.140m of altitude and 5.118 trails and street courses. It is recommended for both beginners, mountain bikers and road racing cyclist. Several stages of the „Bike Trail Tirol“ start or end here, among them are three popular national cycle routes: Innradweg, Etschradweg and the Via Claudia Augusta. The Piller Round is a beautiful route for road cyclists - with beautiful views onto the Kaunertal and Inntal. Hardcore mountain bikers will enjoy the nature park-round. If you enjoy cycling for pleasure, you can discover the area by this route through the valley from Landeck to Zams.
  • Unforgettable hiking routes: You will find unforgettable hiking routes in untouched nature around Landeck in the Tirolean Oberland. Take the cable car from Zams up to Venet and enjoy hiking up there. The circular trail Krahberg - Venet - Goglesalm offers a magnificent view onto the surrounding mountains. You can also enjoy a more challenging three-day hike from Zams up to Steinseehütte and Württemberger Haus where you can also stay overnight. This hike is distinguished by its alpine flair.
  • Trail running at the highest level: The local trail running tracks are really good for everyone. Western Tirol: The GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN and the Salomon4Trail require good endurance and perseverance.
  • Water action: If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, go canyoning, kayaking or rafting. You will discover nature from a new perspective - being professionally supported. Those who prefer a calm day at the water-side can enjoy a relaxing day at one of the three crystal clear bathing lakes in the region: Badeweiher Trams, Waldweiher in Fliess and the Badeweiher Fuchsmoos.

Sights and tourist attractions in the Western Tirol holiday region

The combination of culture and pleasure is on top of the agenda when planning a holiday in the Western Tirol holiday region.

  • Strolling through Landeck: The major city Landeck is the bustling centre of the Western Tirol holiday region. Stroll through the little alleys, eat gelato and explore the little Tirolean town. It is a very chilled town which has a lot to offer: There are many cute little coffee places, rustic restaurants and several little shops with regional products. On Fridays there are local markets where regional specialities are offered. The Landeck castle is worth a visit. Inside you will find the museum of local history and the castle gallery.
  • In the distillery village, Stanz, there are 54 distilleries producing more than 90 different fine brandies. Because of its sunny position, Stanz is the highest located growing region of fruits in Europe. The popular “Stanze Zwetschge“ schnapps has won many awards. It also serves as a perfect holiday souvenir.
  • Zammer Lochputz: Visiting Tirol’s mystical gorge, Zammer Lochputz, is an unforgettable holiday experience for old and young. The water of the Lötzbach stream has carved out the rock and created many bizarre rock formations. You can discover the tunnels, bridges and landscapes on a water-adventure-path while learning about the legends of the Zammer Lochputz.
  • Castle ruin Kronburg: The Kronburg castle was built in 380. However, it has not been inhabited since 1766, when it was left to decay. Today it remains a castle ruin that serves as a popular lookout point. Underneath the Kronburg castle ruin, there is the well-known pilgrimage destination Kronburg with a restaurant to still your hunger.

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