Region Imst
Boulderhalle Tarrenz

Basic information

An annual ticket is available for the boulder room, with which the room can be used all day even outside opening hours.

Costs: Members SU Tarrenz: € 60,-- up to 15 years € 20,-- Non-members: € 100,-- up to 15 years € 40,-- Single tickets Members SU Tarrenz: € 2,-- up to 15 years free Non-members: € 3,50 up to 15 years € 1,50 School classes € 1,-- per pupil

The bouldering hall in Tarrenz is suitable for experts and beginners, for young and old. The Sportunion and the municipality of Tarrenz are pleased about the successful sports facility. 

climbing area approx. 100 m2 max. height 4 m

Attention: Supervisor with appropriate qualification is required!

Arrival and public transport

Anfahrt: A 12 - Ausfahrt Imst, Richtung Tarrenz - direkt an der Hauptstraße neben der Feuerwehrhalle, Parkplatz unterhalb des Hauses Nr. 65!


Parkmöglichkeiten links neben der Feuerwehr Tarrenz! Bitte nicht im Ausfahrtsbereich der Feuerwehr parken (Abschleppzone)


Sportunion Tarrenz - Iris Rataitz-Kiechl
Huaptstraße 65
6464, Tarrenz
0680 21 86 722