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Climbing in all difficulties in the climbing gyms of the Imst holiday region

The Imst holiday region in the Tirolean Oberland is known for its numerous outdoor opportunities for climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rafting and canyoning. It particularly offers many unique climbing possibilities. It is one of Austria’s top climbing spots, providing more than 3.000 sport climbing routes in all difficulties for climbers of all levels - beginners, hobby climbers and pros. The crags are in great condition as they have been well maintained and further developed over the past few years. Austria’s highest climbing wall is also located in Imst.

If you don’t walk to hike down the mountain into the valley, the Alpine Coaster roller coaster takes you back to the base of the mountain in high speed. This is for sure a memorable experience!

3 recommendations for climbing gyms around Imst – climbing in Austria’s highest climbing gym!

  • Karrösten bouldering gym: The bouldering gym in Karrösten is 30m2 big and 4,50m high. It offers ideal training facilities for climbers of all age groups and difficulty levels. The bouldering routes are regularly reset which guarantees variation and a sportive challenge.
  • Tarrenz bouldering gym: The new bouldering in Tarrenz is suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. It is 100m2 big and 4m high. You can also gain an annual pass with which you can enter the gym outside business hours. A professional supervisor is required.
  • Imst climbing gym: The Imst climbing gym is Austria’s highest climbing gym and provides more than 200 routes indoor and outdoor. The indoor wall measures 1.130m2 and a maximum height of 22m, the outdoor wall is 1.100m2 big and 18m high. The routes are graded 2 to 11. As they regularly change the routes, you never get bored! You can also go bouldering in one of three bouldering areas. There are courses offered for beginners. If you don’t have any climbing equipment, you can rent it at the gym. The gym also has its own climbing shop where you can find everything from climbing equipment, clothes to accessories. If you don’t want to climb yourself, you can watch the climbers from the balcony while enjoying a cool drink. Visiting the climbing gym in Imst guarantees a great experience for everyone!
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