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Familiy-friendly climbing gardens

Climbing with the whole family

As soon as the sun warms up the rock, it is time to explore the nature with the whole family - whether you climb on limestone or granit, Tirol offers great climbing areas for the whole family.


Where can I find a climbing garden that is also suitable for children?

Find your favourite family-friendly climbing garden in Tirol! From St. Anton, the Tirolean Zugspitze region, Ötztal to Lake Achensee to the mountain range KaisergebirgeTirol has a lot to offer.

A Climber’s Paradise family-friendly climbing garden promises quality

All climbing gardens are regularly investigated to ensure they remain family-friendly. A family-friendly climbing garden has the following features:

  • It provides maximum protection against alpine dangers.
  • The access is safe and easily accessable for the whole family.
  • The climbing garden is protected from dangerous falls, especially for children.
  • There are picnic areas for the whole family.
  • The climbing garden has easy routes, particularly for children.

6 must-haves for a perfect climbing day with the whole family

  • Climbing helmets are mandatory for children.
  • A harness and appropriate shoes for climbing, as well as hiking shoes for the approach, are a must-have for kids.
  • A snack and something sweet are motivating for both the kids and the rest of the family.
  • Don’t forget pencils and books so the kids can e.g. paint on stones or read after climbing.
  • Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and warm jackets for the whole family as the weather can quickly change in the mountains.
  • Medical dressing.